SANCTIFICATION were formed in a small town in sweden called Östersund in summer 2001 as Tomas, Nils & Mathias (who also was a session singer by DERANGED) decided to leave their former bands (Divine Desecration & Chastisment) to create something new.

There only was a bassman missing to complete the first line-up of SANCTIFICATION. This man soon was found in Peter Jönsson.

In spring 2002 the first demo (containing four tracks) was recorded in the Courthouse Studio in Östersund. Unfortunately only two songs of this demo had vocals on it, because the vocal-tracks of the other two songs "disappeared" in the studio. Nevertheless the demo was sent to some magazines and radio-stations and caused terrific and overwhelming reactions.

Shortly after the recordings of this demo Peter left the band for personal reasons. He soon was replaced by Jörgen Bylander who formerly played by DEFACED CREATION and DERANGED.

Jörgen also was responsible for the contact to Remission Records, because they met on the last DERANGED Tour and stayed in contact since then. As Remission Records heard the demo recordings there even was no hold for them and a contract was made.

Straight after the contract was signed in may 2003 the four-piece entered the Courthouse Studio in Östersund again to record their debut album "Misanthrophic Salvation". The style of SANCTIFICATION is settled in the Old School Death Metal area. With his hard, fast, aggressive and compact songs it strongly reminds on old DEICIDE or the legendary DEFACED CREATION album "Serenity in Chaos". Especially emphasized must be the drumwork of Nils Fjellström on "Misanthrophic Salvation" who reached his capabilities during his time by AEON. This guy thrashes his drums with an incredible speed and precision. Additionally with his cold and clinical Sound he is giving his drumming an extra tart note.

SANCTIFICATION are very motivated and willing to promote their debut album on stage. And with a little bit luck we will see them live in Germany too.

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Line Up:
Jörgen Bylander (bass) Nils Fjellström (drums) Tomas Elofsson (guitar) Mathias "Molle" Mollin (vocals)