Fearer from Emden, East Frisia, Germany were founded in 1995 by two ex-members (Tom Zorn, Frank Spinka) of a band called Vomiting Corpses (as might be known, the other members of which became Anasarca). After a couple of months bass player Carsten Kleen and drummer Alf Kluge joined the band and completed the first line-up.

In the summer of 1996 the band went into the studio for the first time to record their 4-track-demo called "Mindless" which was distributed amongst the band and a couple of close friends only. Overall, the reactions concerning this tape were positive! The musical style at that time had always been Death Metal, however, it came out to be somewhat more progressive than with Vomiting Corpses.

In the beginning of 1998 their musical style changed from progressive Death Metal to straight old school Death Metal in the vein of Malevolent Creation, Obituary and Bolt Thrower, since the members seemed to be getting more into this kind of sound. The band has retained this style until today.

In the middle of the same year Fearer again entered the studio to record their first self-produced 5-track-demo-CD called "No Tomorrow". Again the material was not widely spread, the MCD was merely sold at regional concerts and amongst some friends. Only about 50 copies of it should be circulating.

During the following two years the guys concentrated on writing new material and so far some of the members also played in different other projects. The new material was recorded in the autumn of 2000 at Audiocheck Musicproductions, resulting in the first complete longplayer called "No Compromise". And once again the band did not spread this very good material in public, but just distributed it on their own, so that there should be only about 50 copies of this album circulating.

After some line-up changes in respect to the second guitar player Matze Wiltfang joined the band on rhythm guitar in January 2001, completing the present Fearer line-up!

In the autumn of last year the band decided to enter the studio again in order to record their first serious production to be distributed in public. So once again they went to the Audiocheck Musicproductions Studio and recorded "Confession To Hate" , which was then mastered at Mega Wimp Sound Studio in Berlin. After it was finished Fearer started to look for a label and pocketed very good feedbacks. After some discussions they finally signed with Remission Records.

After releasing the longplayer "Confession to Hate" in September 2002, Fearer focused their attentions on performing some single live performances and absolved a 10 day lasting co- headliner tour with the well known swedish Defleshed.
In addition, Fearer started to write new material which represents the band from a new, more intense and straighter kind of death metal than they played on "Confession to Hate" and finally by choosing the Soundloge Studio, Oldenburg Germany ( e. g. Obscenity, Death Reality and Despondency) for the recording of "Descent".

More over and as a little delicacy, Fearer chose a cover version of the well known Massacre classic "From Beyond" on this record.

So far, Fearer is going to concentrate their attentions more and more on acting live on stage to promote and perform their newest release "Descent" as well to increase their popularity.

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Line Up:
Carsten Kleen (bass)
Alf Kluge (drums)
Matze Wiltfang (guitar)
Tom Zorn (lead guitar, vocals)
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